Like father, like son: Ralph Gooding, who enriched our tapestry last year with his father’s story, superimposed upon Arthur Gooding. Ralph holds Arthur’s pocket-watch, which is still working 100 years on.    CHILDREN OF THE GREAT WAR THANKS YOU AND INVITES YOU TO THE GRAND CULMINATION OF OUR LONDON-WIDE PROJECT EXHIBITION We are beyond thrilled […]

Alfred & Sidney Swerchinsky: Every good wish goes to Geoff Singer & family for submitting this story to our Great War chronicles at RAF Hendon.  “I have two people that were involved in the First World War – two uncles. They were my mother’s brothers. One who interested us to start with was Alfred because […]

Rosemary Lever joined us at Wimbledon Theatre to tell the story of her grandfather Robert Lever. We found in this story another personable character to enrinch our Children of The Great War family of families,  a person who survived injury and close calls with death to live on to have a long, and happy life […]

You’ll be pleased to peruse Hannah Jacobson’s vividly illustrated story, of four relatives, taking in Russia, Holland, Poland (as it was pre-1919), and London. Hannah came to expand our growing repertoire with the accounts of her maternal grandfather Solomon Harris, great uncle Abraham Harris, father’s brother Elias Samplon, and her late husband’s uncle, Isaac Jacobson. […]

Rex and Guy Compton, brothers: Peter Compton came to Clapham Library with several stories by primarily that of his Uncles Rex and Guy. This one captures the essence of the inescapable, visceral, human response to the horrors of the front:   Guy and Rex as children…. Rex and Guy’s father and Peter’s grandfather was a […]

A special thanks to Malcolm Jones for providing this almost unbelievable story! Corporal Joseph Jones KRRC: “My grandfather Corporal Joseph Jones was in the King’s Royal Rifle Corps. He was a Milk Roundsman according to his marriage certificate and was born and bred in Islington North Londonand had gone to Copenhagen Primary School. In one […]

Julius & Max Weinberg: One rainy November day last year, we had the delight of interviewing almost twenty people and digitizing scores and scores of sentimentally fortified objects. It was a COTGW highlight made possible by our friends at the Jewish Military Museum who co-hosted Children of The Great War at the suitably atmospheric RAF […]